The Father Leads…

February 5, 2008

John Bunyan once said concerning the spiritual state of his family: “The father ought to be very diligent and cautious, doing his utmost both to increase faith where it has begun, and to begin it where it is not. Therefore, he must diligently and frequently bring it before his family the things of God from His Holy Word, in accordance with what is suitable for each person. And let no man question his authority from the Word of God for such a practice.”God has designed the family as the principle discipling agent in the lives of children. Here are a few simple suggestions to start your family down the discipleship path.

1. Incorporate God’s Word into daily individual and familial conversations at home. This might happen at the dinner or breakfast table, before bedtime, in the car (hopefully you won’t be reading while driving), during discussions or discipline, etc;

2a. Develop family bible-reading plan. Or, if finding time to read as a family is too difficult because of schedules, age of children, etc, then…

2b. Protect individual bible-reading time for family members. Husbands, be sure your wife has had time to read the Scriptures (as well as yourself) daily. Read and discuss at least one passage of Scripture daily with your children

The list could be longer, but fathers, take the words of Bunyan (and Scripture) to heart as you seek to lead your family toward Christlikeness through God’s Word. Do something because doing something to give God’s Word a place of prominence in the home is better than doing nothing.

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