A Novel Idea

February 29, 2008

Context is important.  If you hear a woman screaming, you will react differently depending on whether you are standing in an oncology unit or in a labor and delivery unit.  Failure to consider context in that moment will inevitably lead to a misinterpretation of reality.

Likewise, we need to consider context every time we pick up our Bibles.  Correct interpretation of truth is at stake.  Which of the following approaches to the Bible is yours? Read the rest of this entry »


The Adoption Option

February 28, 2008

Amy and I truly enjoyed getting to share part of our story with you at Connection last week. We are always available to talk to anyone who would like to know more about our adoption and the path God has laid before us.

I was very encouraged by an article on adoption from Christianity Today‘s website. The author is a pastor who found himself on the adoption journey, and he went to the Bible with some real questions. “What did the Bible really teach us about infertility and adoption? How did God use it in the lives of His people? How was He using it in mine?” The Old and New Testaments brought some surprising results. His conclusion:

There is no doubt that infertility is a difficult, painful issue and can often lead to a season of doubt or despair. But there is also no doubt that adoption is a God-honoring option to consider when the traditional road to parenting goes unanswered. We are not guaranteed the answers that we always want, but we are guaranteed answers that will glorify Christ and allow us to live in a spirit of adoption.

Yes, he did.  In case you missed it, the word was uttered during last Wednesday’s Bible study.  I was telling a story about a lady whose first act following conversion was to smoke a cigarette.  I was making a broader point — a profound point, I am sure — which probably no one remembers now.  Anyway, like most conversion stories do, the story of the lady who met Jesus and then lit up touched me.  Perhaps you will be encouraged by the story too, especially as you think about people you are longing to see saved.  Here is Linda’s story….  Read the rest of this entry »

We are overwhelmed by information from friends, TV, radio, magazines, and the internet. The same is true in the church – truth hits us from scripture, radio, books, sermons, and (hopefully) this blog. With all this information comes a subtle danger. In our fast paced world, it is increasingly easy to simply nod and move on. Read the rest of this entry »

Don’t Miss Your Moment

February 23, 2008

C. J. Mahaney once again provokes us toward healthy self-evaluation.  He contrasts Andy Pettitte’s recent confession of steroid use with the confession of lesser-known MLB pitcher, Daniel Naulty.    C. J. writes, 

Naulty embraced his moment to speak and he spoke clearly, specifically, and humbly.  Pettitte missed his moment.  Now, what about your moment of confession?  Your moment is coming, and so is mine.  And this is what concerns me the most—that I will miss my moment.

The time it will take you to read C. J.’s entire post will be worth it.  I think you will agree that his “view from the cheap seats” is anything but cheap.