Luther On Hearing the Gospel Again and Again

January 30, 2008

“It cannot be beaten into our ears enough or too much. Yes, though we learn it (the gospel) and understand it well, yet there is none that takes hold of it perfectly or believes it with all his heart. So frail a thing is our flesh, and disobedient to the Spirit.”

Often we lose our sense of God because we feel victimized by our circumstances. Our suffering is real. Our pain is intense. The injustice committed against us has wounded us or injured our reputation. Our sin has resulted in public shame or private consternation. Our motives have been challenged. And so, we need to hear the glorious truth of the gospel again and again as we fight to believe that we are as sinful as Scripture says we are, undeserving of God’s great grace and mercy, and yet accepted unequivocally by God on the merits on Jesus’ substitutionary death. We are not condemned in Christ Jesus. We are sons and daughters of God. Our freedom has been purchased, not just in theory, but for us to enjoy in this life with God’s abiding help and Spirit-given power.

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