160 Highlights (give or take a few) from Yesterday

January 28, 2008

I’ve been reflecting, as many of you have, on our 160th Anniversary Celebration yesterday.  It would be impossible to list all of the highlights of the day, but here were some of the highlights for me:

– full parking lot and sanctuary, with 402 members and visitors;

– inspiring music and congregational singing;

– Bible-saturated prayers of adoration and thanksgiving;

– fantastic video about Concord’s heritage, narrated by Hugh Gardner and produced by Drew Scott (a.k.a. Ken Burns);

– the presence of Bob & Barbara Segrest, Ken & Beth Chaney, Dave & Earlita Richardson (who slipped in after the welcome), and Iva Grimes;

– the presence of Frankye Lindsay, our oldest member at age 102 (almost 103), who has, I might add, the most beautiful head of white hair a person could ever hope to have;

– the presence of Charlotte Conner and Erwin & Margaret Wofford, our longest-time members, all of whom joined our church over 80 years ago;

– benefitting from the admirable service of so many of our members in setting up the gym, arranging the food, attending the parking lot, greeting people at the doors, caring for our children, etc.;

– worthy of special recognition: Faye Fuller and Mert Sisemore in the nursery; Winnie Spann, Doug & Lisa Simpkins, and Rusty & Allison Hall in children’s church … for almost two hours (Mark 10:43-44); 

– the thoughtful ministry and beautiful harmony of Randall & Amy Goodgame, especially their acapella rendition of Hank Williams’ House of Gold;

– powerful reminder from our friend, Dr. Russell Moore, that Concord must never trade Christ for a golden calf if we hope to continue building a heritage in the gospel;

– the dessert tables (as always).

God is good!

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